1. How to install Windows10/Windows11?
    How to install Windows on Snapdragon 845

  2. Where can I download the Windows image?
    Where does the Windows image come from?

  3. Where can the boot image/firmware be downloaded?
    EDK2 for SDM845 Releases

  4. Does xxx phone support?
    Windows device support status

  5. Does HiSilicon Kirin/MediaTek/Allwinner/Unisoc/Exynos chip phones support it?
    Currently only supports Qualcomm Snapdragon series devices

  6. Can mobile phones with Snapdragon 835/845/855/865/888 chips work?
    Currently Qualcomm 845 works best, 855 can enter the system, and other chips are still being adapted.

(Continually updated…)

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